Finally, a sensible cure for “I’m bored.”

The Redbank Valley Community Center offers events and activities designed with your child’s needs in mind. Look to us throughout the summer and school year to find wholesome, educational, and fun activities!

We offer a wide array of classes and activities that will challenge your child’s physical, mental and emotional development. We love serving your kids!

One of the most common complaints from teenagers in our area is “there’s nothing to do here”.  Redbank Valley Community Center is here to change that.  We plan to offer a variety of after school programs to engage teens in healthy social and educational opportunities.

We also offer vocational and skills classes to help prepare teens for the future, whether in the work force or secondary education.  We want to create an environment where teens can express their talents and gifts in an encouraging environment.  We love working with teens!

“Never stop learning” is the theme we have in mind for the adults in our community.  We have a place for adults to continue learning new skills and to build community with one another.

We offer a variety of classes, conferences, and seminars that will benefit adults in a clean, comfortable atmosphere.

RVCC is a great place for adults to get involved in the community by teaching, volunteering, or participating in one of our many programs.

Here at RVCC, we believe that families are vital to the health, growth, and success of our community.

We have created a warm, safe environment for families to learn and play together. Family programs such as game nights, movie nights, crafting and educational classes are offered.

If you’ve got a family program you’d like to see, please send us an email or give us a call.

Senior citizens are a vital part of our community.  Our goal is to offer opportunities for seniors to connect, enjoy new experiences, and obtain valuable skills.

Group outings and afternoon game sessions are just a few of the many programs we offer.

Be sure to stay current with our calendar as new opportunities are scheduled.

As a nonprofit entity built around serving the entire New Bethlehem community, businesses and organizations are a top priority. These companies give our town its identity, and we strive to work along side them for the betterment of our community.

Our space is available for events such as business meetings, club meetings, group events, etc. Whether you’d like to meet yearly, monthly, or even weekly, we’d like you to consider partnering with us.

For more information about renting our facility, please visit our Facility Rental page.